Thursday, 7 April 2016

Harry Potter chair sold at auction in the US

The chair that Harry Potter author JK Rowling sat on while writing the first two books has sold in the US for around £280,000.

A chair used, and later decorated, by author JK Rowling while she wrote the first two Harry Potter books
JK Rowling wrote the first two Harry Potter books in this chair.
She had picked up the chair for free in Edinburgh before the books were published, and then had hand-painted them.
The chair has messages written from JK Rowling, including: "O, you may not find me pretty but don't judge on what you see" and "I wrote Harry Potter while sitting on this chair".
The chair also comes with a letter written by the author, saying that the chair hurt her back.
It reads: "I was given four mismatched dining room chairs in 1995 and this was the comfiest one, which is why it ended up stationed permanently in front of my typewriter, supporting me while I typed out Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. My nostalgic side is quite sad to see it go, but my back isn't."
From CBBC Newsround/ Entertainment

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Zayn Malik's debut solo album tops UK chart

Zayn has topped the UK album chart with his first solo album, Mind of Mine.

The former 1D singer knocked Adele's 25 from the top spot, after selling over 4,000 more albums. It follows the success of Pillowtalk, the record's lead single, which went straight to number one in February.
Zayn Malik
On hearing the news Zayn said: "I want to thank all the fans and my team"

"It's mind-blowing"

Zayn said "I can't believe that I have managed to achieve this as a solo artist.
"I am very proud coming from Bradford achieving this in my home country."
He added: "It's mind-blowing to me. I don't take the support I have received for granted. My life at 23 could have been very different."
From CBBC Newsround

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Jet plane turned into classroom

Pupils at a school in Essex in England will soon be having lessons in a disused jet plane.
Cessna jet
Milton Hall Primary School bought the jet earlier this month.

The aeroplane was bought by Milton Hall School in Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex, earlier this month.
The school bought the plane because they didn't have a lot of space to build new classrooms.
It had to be carried by large crane on to the playing field, where it was gutted.
It still needs a lot of work before it can be used as a classroom, but the school hopes it will be ready by June.

From CBBC Newsround